Dinners in Private Villa

To enjoy a special dinner in the lovely villa that you have rented
 for your vacation in Tuscany 

please contact me at:


Here below are some possible menu's

Antipasti to choose from:

A variety of “crostini”
Bruschetta & Green bean patè
Pomodori ripieni
Vol-au-vent with aparagus
Ham & Melon
Fish salad
Tuscany Crostini with courgettes
Polenta with champignon mushrooms
Tuscany salami and ham
Bruschetta with tomatoes
Bresaola with rucola  and  Parmesan cheese
Green Salad and Cheese

First Course to choose from:

Pasta with Pesto sauce
 Risotto with vegetable in season
Lasagne with meat sauce
Pappa al pomodoro
Lombarda bean soup
Pasta Picante
Lasagne with Pesto and Zucchini


Other recipes from my pasta cook book.


  Second Course to choose from:

Roast veal with roast potatoes
Chicken breast with basil and courgettes
Entrecote with rucola salad
Roast Pork with roast potatoes
Hunter’s chicken
Ossibuchi alla fiorentina
Stuffed turkey rolls
Tuscan Beef Stew


Vegetables in season


Dessert to choose from:  
Cantuccini biscuits with vinsanto
Ice cream and fruit
Strawberry mousse
Cream caramel
Fresh Fruit salad
Lemon flan


  Price: Euro 40 per person

Children under 12 years half price

(min 6 people)

(1 bottle of local red wine between 2 people is included)

Alternative costs for larger groups can be arranged