Favourite Houses

 Villas & Cottages

These houses can be landowners country houses, often with surrounded by restored out buildings
 such as barns and stables.A city villa with a rose garden, a country villa with a pool, 
or a magnificent castle with an Italian garden. 
Large and small, city and country, luxurious and functional, these homes of both recent and centuries-old architecture
 were originally built to be just that homes. Ideal for groups and large families Modern luxury independent houses. 


 Country Apartments

Apartments can be in towns, villages in the countryside or by the sea.
  In the countryside they are usually in farmhouses on large estates that have been restored into comfortable apartments usually with a private outside area and shared pool.
Agricultural Tourism or agri-tourism  means a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operation for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the    activities of the farm or operation.
 A range of homes can accommodate both very small and very large groups.

 Town and Village Apartments

Step out of your home into the hustle and bustle of city or town life. 
 Contemplate a vacation without a car and easy access to amenities in the narrow, 
cobbled streets typical of a Tuscan city or town. Maybe in a lively city centre, perhaps in a 
sleepy village hamlet a home that is part of a local colourful neighbourhood.  
Ideal for singles, couples and small families.

B&B and Hotels

B&B's are relatively new in Tuscany and are very popular.   
They are perfect for short stays in friendly family houses and inns, also in lovely old hermitage houses and castles.
 Where a traveller can have real contact with the local culture and feel part of the Tuscan life. 
In many it is possible to have wonderful Tuscan meals in their restaurant or eat with the family.
 Some are found in more modern houses and are chosen for their position, 
either in the countryside or in tiny villages or in thefamous towns of Florence, Siena, Lucca and
San Gimignano