Country Retreat Cooking & Wine Experience

For those who have always wanted to try their hands at traditional Tuscan recipes
in the atmosphere of a charming15th century farmhouse.
Franco and Francesco your hosts and cooks put their love for nature,
use of fresh and seasonal produce together with simplicity and
a pinch of fantasy into their passion for cooking


They aim to transmit the capacity to taste the flavours present in the ingredients 
and the importance of dedicating time not only to cooking but in the preparation of their dishes


Their specialities include fresh ravioli and tagliatelle, country soups, deep fried courgette flowers
  and sage leaves from our own vegetable garden, marinated anchovies and seafood,  
delicious lamb and Tuscan roast pork cooked in our wood burning oven and a favourite with our guests, tiramisu.

Cooking class begins late afternoon during which time you can enjoy an aperitivo 
with an explanation of  our olive oil production and wines from the Chianti Rufina area  
Followed by dinner with your hosts.

Country Retreat                                Itinerary for Cooking Course